Strategic I.T./Digital Workshops

H7 interactive brings its vast experience of setting, initiating, and achieving I.T. /Digital objectives into a fast paced workshop format that helps organizations:

  • Define an IT Strategy

  • Outline a strategic IT architecture

  • Set out specific objectives, and projects to achieve them

  • Develop execution plans

  • Assign Roles and Responsibilities

  • Agree milestones to ensure effective measurement of project performance

Here are some examples of the workshops led by H7 interactive executives

IBD logo.jpg

Investors Business Daily asked H7 interactive to conduct a strategic planning workshop to define the high level objectives and goals for 2018, based on the continued transition from the offline newspaper business towards online news and investor advice, and to present an overview of how to define a longer term strategy within the organization.


Toyota asked that Kevin Hughes run multiple IT strategy related workshops to help them define the organization vision and objectives for the IT departments supporting Toyota Financial Services, and Toyota Technology Infrastructure.  

Vulcan asked H7 interactive to facilitate a workshop to research the possibility of transforming university education in the United States, through the more effective use of technology, and transitioning from subject based to learning objective based education methods. The workshop included world renowned educational expertise, and was responsible for developing strategic objectives and a business plan. 

rePlanet asked H7 interactive to develop the requirements  and a request for proposals for the development of its new website and the supporting infrastructure. This was completed with a 3 day workshop. The RFP was subsequently published and H7i helped in the selection process. was the resulting website.     

Axa Investment Managers (the investment arm of the worlds largest insurance company) Asked Kevein Hughes H7i's Managing Partner to run a bi-lingual (French/English) workshop to develop an interactive strategy for the business. Involving simultaneous translation, the workshop developed a digital client strategy, overall system architecture, and improved operating relationships between the Paris and London based organizations.