Over 70% of IT programs overrun time or Budget* 

  H7 interactive manages and delivers IT programs and projects. We find a way to launch,

every time

We meet critical timelines, we take failing projects and make them succeed, we understand and live within budgets, we work with complex corporate and partner politics, and 


If you have one or more of the following, call us, we can help:

A 'problem' IT program

A "must succeed" project

An out of control project budget

A stalled program that needs to get to the finish line

Unresponsive or failing vendor(s)

Complex internal and/or vendor politics

Give us a call, we can help  


  • Vendor RFP / Selection
  • Concept definition & planning 
  • Must have deliverable date 
  • Creative / Tech differences 
  • Usablity issues
  • Critical App Release
  • Multi Phase Delivery
  • Vendor Management


  • Vendor RFP / Selection
  • Transition planning 
  • Vendor Management
  • Transition execution
  • SLA management 




  • Stalled / Failing programs
  • Core system replacement
  • Vendor RFP / Selection
  • Vendor Management 
  • Major system upgrades
  • PMO and Process Set-up  
  • Integration planning
  • Integration management 
  • Program execution




IT projects are started with the objective of achieving specific business results, many never meet the goals set for them, (*70%, per Harvard Business Review, over-run rime or budget, and nearly 20% overrun by an average of 200%). H7 Interactive's projects do meet, and exceed their goals, often faster than anyone thought possible. This is done through the use of high impact strategies and processes totally focused on completion and success.


Derived from a blend of Agile, and Extreme Project Management methodologies, H7i's proprietary method is to understand the core dynamics of a project (strategy, objectives, time, cost and quality constraints), then distill a usable product set, and focus the teams' efforts on achieving that deliverable, while simultaneously defining a long term strategy to execute the clients medium and long term objectives.