We specialize in partnering with your I.T. group and getting large scale projects and programs launched quickly and efficiently, often achieving I.T./Digital miracles.

H7i often has the “opportunity” to follow multiple project failures, and we find a way to succeed, often in unorthodox ways.   

We deliver against impossible timelines, complete projects, and make them successful. Here are some of our successes.


Major Cruise Company

Viking Ocean V1.jpg


With the christening of its first ocean liner costing $300m only months away, H7i's Kevin Hughes was asked to lead the implementation of a new global reservation system in less than 18 months for 60 river and 6 ocean ships. These projects normally take between 3 and 4 years so the heat was on. The company required a core reservation system change (ERP, CRM, Data Warehouse). 3 previous attempts to replace the systems over 4 years had wasted over $10m. There was no team in place.


Replace the existing COBOL based reservation system with a .NET based package, 3500 hours of customization, integration with internal and external systems ranging from airline ticketing and credit card processing, to accounting system, company website and ship manifest.  

Transfer reservations for 300,000 passengers, $2.5bn revenue, 66 ships, 400 call center agents in the US, UK and Australia, to the new system.


Hire staff to carry out the implementation, contract for software, prioritize user requirements, present plans to gain executive buy-in, vendor management of custom code development, internal team build out, major system configuration, external partner management, PCI compliance review, large scale conversion in 2 phases, stabilization, change management, training, long term support and continued evolution of requirements.             


Complete system replacement successfully completed in less than 18 months, zero lost bookings, revenue, ships, airline tickets, credit card details successfully tokenized, PCI compliance audit requirements met. Full support team built out for the long term stability of the system

Based on the implementation of new systems, Vikings operational performance improved, including improved booked call times, and sales conversion rates.  

Client Feedback  - CEO statement to the Board of Directors:

“This is the most successful IT project the company has ever done. “

GLOBAL Entertainment Company

Disney Park V1.jpg


Company was investing $500m on asset development with a specific, high profile launch date, and $20m TV Advertising buy focused on the launch. With 5 months to go creative teams were arguing about how to connect users from the Ad campaign to the new experiences, there was no agreed creative concept.


Develop an online immersive experience helping users connect the advertising campaign with ticket purchase.


Pull together creative teams from Sweden and multiple US sites, develop a creative concept, contract with specialist suppliers for development, musical score, and voice over in multiple languages. Agree constraints of use with internal asset owners, develop and test deliverables, deliver to market on time.


A WEBBY, ANDY, ADDY winning immersive experience, with over 20m  visitors in the first year, and direct ticket sales of over $20m plus over 15m users transitioned to main ticket purchase site

Client Feedback – Vice President, Digital Design

H7i “almost single-handedly pulled together 4 different creative organizations across multiple time zones under insane deadlines with multiple high level stakeholders with competing interests on high profile work and the results were...fantastic.”

Global gaming technology company

Aristocrat Games V1.jpg


On the promise of a large ERP implementation all existing system support had been stopped for over 2 years. The ERP implementation had stalled, and business users across the globe were exasperated by the lack of responsiveness from IT.


Understand the breadth of the backlog of enhancements required by 25 operating business units, develop a prioritization methodology, and progress multiple projects of up to $100k each to enhance the service to customers, internal operations, and improve relations between the business and I.T.    


Build a small team of business analysts and technologists, gather requirements from all business units, over 250 projects in total, develop an intra and inter business unit prioritization process, develop standardized PMO processes for use across the organization, and manage the completion of 50 highest priority projects.


50 projects completed, with user sign off, additional 25 in progress, PMO processes in use across the company, all backlog projects prioritized, IT communication with business units radically improved, using defined and agreed communication channels.  

Client Feedback – VP  Digital Transformation and Program Delivery  

“H7i moved very quickly to re-establish broken links between the business and IT, and then built confidence by effectively executing projects based on the business’ priorities”  

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